Holding our leaders accountable for saving our oceans

In an earlier blog, I started (threatened?) to dialogue with you about the principles necessary to save the Earth.  I haven’t expanded on them because I’ve been almost totally consumed by something we and our allies at Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue released on May 29 called SeaStates 2013 (http://seastates.us/).  Happily, this blog is an opportunity for us to
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Update from one of the Marine Conservation Institute’s Mia J. Tegner 2011 award winners

Historical baseline of Diversity and abundance of Peruvian marine mega-vertebrates to disentangle climate from fisheries effects Researcher: Shaleyla Kelez Location: Peru Update:  Mia J. Tegner 2011 grant recipient Dr. Shaleyla Kelez examined historical records of marine mega-vertebrates’ abundance and populations off Peru in an effort to distinguish climate from fisheries effects.  Many previous studies have noted a
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NOAA Fisheries issues final rule to protect Pacific Marine National Monuments from illegal fishing

Today, after a four-year process, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) published final fishing regulations for the Marianas Trench, Pacific Remote Islands, and Rose Atoll Marine National Monuments, which were established by President George W. Bush just before he left office in January 2009. Consistent with President Bush’s proclamations, the regulations prohibit commercial fishing within the monuments, but allow recreational and non-commercial fishing under certain guidelines. The rule takes effect on July 3, 2013.