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How the Sochi Olympics helps countries win GLORES

As I write, the media are directing the world’s eyes to Sochi, Russia, using winter sports to sell nations’ prestige, individuals’ stories and what ABC’s Wide World of Sports! called “the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat…”  Great numbers of people are engaged, then captivated, then elated or crushed, depending on whether our
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Excellent news! European Union Parliament majority supports ending deep-sea bottom trawling

On December 10, it appeared that valiant efforts by ocean conservation groups came close to, but had fallen short of ending the environmentally destructive practice of bottom trawling in the deep-sea waters surrounding Europe. But, in the truly strange world of European Parliament rules and procedures, a revised count of their vote shows that a
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The Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES)

For 20 years (since Norse 1993)1, the world has known that the living oceans essential to human survival and prosperity are in deep trouble as the growing human population demands much more while we’re dramatically reducing the oceans’ capacity to sustain us.  On land, the world has taken the very wise step of securing strategically
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Holding our leaders accountable for saving our oceans

In an earlier blog, I started (threatened?) to dialogue with you about the principles necessary to save the Earth.  I haven’t expanded on them because I’ve been almost totally consumed by something we and our allies at Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue released on May 29 called SeaStates 2013 (http://seastates.us/).  Happily, this blog is an opportunity
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