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New research discredits a $100 billion fix to global warming

Our new research raises doubts concerning the viability of plans to fertilize the ocean to solve global warming. Ocean fertilization schemes, which resemble an artificial summer, may not remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as has been suggested because they ignore the natural processes revealed by this research. Read More:Press Release: www.mlutz.net/release.htmMichael Lutz
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Agriculture, not shrimp farming, to blame for mangrove deforestion

A study published in the Journal of Biogeography used remote sensing technology to investigate the major causes of mangrove deforestation in regions impacted by the 2005 tsunami. While shrimp aquaculture accounted for a portion of the loss, the expansion of agriculture was responsible for over 80% of mangrove deforestation in the study region. Read Environmental
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