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Does Bush’s executive order to protect striped bass and red drum actually help the fish?

On October 20th, President Bush signed an executive order to ban commercial harvest of striped bass and red drum in federal waters. The fish can now only be harvested recreationally. While recreational fishermen, who are responsible for the vast majority of striped bass and red drum landings, are praising the order, others note that if
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Endangered Loggerhead threatened by small-scale Baja California fishing operations

A recent study published by S. Hoyt Peckman of UC Santa Cruz, Larry Crowder of Duke University and Ocean Conservancy scientist J. Nichols indicates that small-scale longline and gillnet fishing operations off Baja California are actually more detrimental to the endangered Pacific Loggerhead than larger scale industrial fishing fleets. Check out Environmental News Network coverage
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An Ethics Code for Ocean Carbon Experiments

By Eli KintischScienceNOW Daily News10 October 2007 Scientists and entrepreneurs alike are abuzz over iron fertilization, a controversial technique that uses iron-seeded plankton to sequester atmospheric carbon for centuries deep underwater. Now, a San Francisco-based climate startup called Climos has proposed a code of conduct to address contentious aspects of how experiments are conducted. Read
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