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A Brief Consideration of the Kulluk Stranding: Biodiversity of Sitkadilak Island

 Sitkadilak Island’s seabirds and marine mammals Right now, as I sit here writing this blog the drilling rig Kulluk is sitting in its temporary anchorage in Kiliuda Bay which is located just north of the grounding location (Figure 1a & b) on the eastern side of Kodiak Island.  News sources have reported there is no
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As Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reaches Milestone, Continued Inaction Could Spell Disaster for Our Oceans

Earlier this week, we reached a troubling milestone as carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the Arctic atmosphere exceeded 400 parts per million (ppm).  Increased atmospheric CO2 has a devastating effect on our ocean ecosystems. As the chief regulator of climate, the ocean acts as a “carbon sink,” absorbing more than a quarter of the CO2humans
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House Appropriations Bill Weighed Down by Amendments

77 What does that number mean to you? Right now, it’s the big bad number for the environment. Did you know that, in addition to working on raising the debt ceiling, Congress is also working on next fiscal year’s budget? The House of Representatives is debating and voting on appropriations bills, and here’s where the
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