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Delegation of Chinese Scientists Visit Marine Conservation Institute in DC

Recently, our policy team met with a delegation of fishery research scientists and engineers from China to discuss marine conservation at home and abroad. The delegation hailed from Hainan, a palm tree-studded island in the South China Sea, where they work at the Hainan Academy of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences. Hainan is home to over 8
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Marine Conservation Institute’s Accomplishments in 2012

Source: Maragos, FWS Marine Conservation Institute’s President, Lance Morgan, has posted the 2012 President’s Report summarizing some of the important work and major accomplishments of this year.The mission of Marine Conservation Institute is to use the latest science to identify important marine ecosystems around the world, and then advocate for their protection, for us and
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This Weekend: Protect the Land (and Water) of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

As Independence Day draws near, a number of things are sure to run through your mind: what am I going to wear this weekend? Do I have enough red, white, and blue? Where are we going to sit for the fireworks? Is the barbecue set up? Often, we tend to focus on the tradition-side of
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