Ocean Acidification…the greatest ocean threat.

Elizabeth Kolbert wrote a very informative article on ocean acidifcation in the Nov 20, 2006 issue of the New Yorker titled “The Darkening Sea…What carbon emissions are doing to the ocean”. Climate change skeptics do not dispute the fact that the oceans are becoming more acidic because we are burning ever increasing quantities of fossil fuels. The science and cause of ocean acidifcation are rock solid. Fossil fuel combustion releases carbon dioxide and that carbon dioxide is eventually absorbed by the ocean, making it more acidic. The implications for life in the oceans is dire. Ocean acidification will increase in the coming decades and will probably impact entire food webs from the smallest plankton to the great whales. The biological response of many taxa to ocean acidification are not yet known by scientists, but corals, mollusks, and some species of plankton tested to date do not fare well under more acidic ocean conditions. It should be clear that the switch from fossil fuel energy sources to “clean” non-CO2 emitting energy must occur as soon as possible if we hope to salvage our oceans and ultimately our childrens’ futures.

New Yorker

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