NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, “America’s Ship for Ocean Exploration”

NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer, “America’s Ship for Ocean Exploration,” is on a course to be the only U.S. ship assigned to systematically explore our largely unknown ocean for the purpose of discovery and the advancement of knowledge. Telepresence , using real-time broadband satellite communications, will connect the ship and its discoveries, live with audiences ashore.

After the ship is commissioned in Seattle August 13th, the ship and crew will undergo field tests off the U.S. West Coast to train operators and test concepts of operations and equipment associated with the ship and its sensors and systems. All this leads to the ship’s first full field season of operations in 2009, and a new way of exploring the ocean.

Why Explore? All life on Earth relies on the ocean–an ocean that provides oxygen and regulates global temperature to make the Earth livable. Other key ocean benefits include food, energy and transportation.

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