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Bush hits choppy water over ocean sanctuaries
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
The original plan, which included four potential “marine monuments” and was well received by environmentalists, has already been scaled back. …

Bush’s parting moves on the environment
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA
The proposals include changes to the Endangered Species Act, new management plans for 11 million acres in Utah, an effort to revoke congressional …

Corals to get more protection
KeysNet – Tavernier,Florida,USA
“While in some ways it is redundant in the Keys, it’s another layer of protection,” said Bob Hoffman, chief of the Endangered Species Branch with NOAA …

FACTBOX: President-elect Obama’s positions on energy issues
Reuters – USA
Obama opposed lifting the congressional moratorium on drilling in federal lands off US coasts, but now says he would support limited expanded offshore …

Obama’s energy plan may be curbed
Globe and Mail – Canada
Falling petroleum prices will also ease the pressure on Congress and Mr. Obama to expand offshore drilling, possibly allowing a reinstatement of a federal …

Obama on Ocean Policy

By Peter Etnoyer
… protect the ecological integrity of that body of water – Obama wants to work with Congress to reauthorize and enhance the Coastal Zone Management Act, as well as the National Marine Sanctuaries Act and the Oceans and Human Health Act.


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