Fish that triggers LSD-like hallucinations is caught off Cornwall

By Daily Mail Reporter

A fish that can trigger LSD-like hallucinations when eaten has been discovered in UK waters.

The sarpa salpa species of bream is normally found in the Mediterranean and around South Africa.

But fisherman Andy Giles has told how he hauled a sarpa salpa, instantly recognisable by its gold stripes, near Polperro, Cornwall.

Mr Giles, 38, said: ‘We were trawling for lemon sole and hauled it up at the end of the day. After taking a photograph, I put it in the fish box and brought it back for experts.

‘Perhaps I should have taken it into town to sell to some clubbers!’

There have only been three recordings of sarpa salpa in British waters before.

Experts say they may be being lured north by warmer waters.

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