Historic Oregon Marine Reserves Bill Clears Oregon House Unanimously

The Oregon House of Representatives approved HB-3013 A on Thursday, outlining a detailed plan and timeline to complete evaluation of six potential marine reserve sites recommended by the Governor’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council.

In addition, the bill establishes two pilot marine reserve projects at Otter Rock near Depoe Bay and Redfish Rocks near Port Orford and prescribes a process to evaluate the potential for reserves in four other areas of the coast. The vote was 51-0.

“It was great to find an Oregon solution to a distinct Oregon problem. When people get together, talk openly and hammer out difficult issues, better solutions tend to come about. I am truly excited about the House Bill 3013 and its potential for the future of Oregon,” said Representative Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay) who carried the bill on the Floor today.

“This bill reflects an incredible amount of work from a diverse group of stakeholders, who put aside their differences to agree on a process that Oregon can be proud of; as we move forward the Coastal Legislators will ensure the concerns of our coastal communities are addressed” said Representative Wayne Krieger (R-Gold Beach).

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