News clips: Nov.14-16th, 2009

Endangered Species

High Seas/ Fisheries:

Marine Protected Areas



  • Sponges recycle carbon to give life to coral reefsEurekAlert (press release)

  • Predatory coral eats jellyfishBBC News- pretty cool photo

  • CCMA and National Park Service Launch Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Data for U.S. Parks with Coral Reefs- From The CSO Weekly Report: In September, the Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment’s (CCMA) Biogeography Branch, in partnership with the National Park Service’s (NPS) Inventory and Monitoring Program launched an effort to collect, assimilate, and distribute marine geospatial information in order to support monitoring and management of coral reef ecosystems included within NPS jurisdiction. NPS manages and protects more than 250,000 acres of coral reef in the ten Parks. In addition to collecting and sharing information for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the project will also establish priorities for future investment in information to support monitoring and management of marine natural resources. For more information, contact Dan Dorfman at (301) 713-3028 x112 or

Climate Change

Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem-Based Management



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