News clips for Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Endangered Species

Climate Change


  • Scientist says fish can save coral reefs– Providence Journal- Enric Sala, a former professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and now a National Geographic Fellow, said damaged coral will grow back if it is in a healthy environment with lots of predator fish.

  • Scientists Work To Protect Cuba’s Unspoiled Reefs– NPR- see link to see transcript or listen to story.

  • Special Report: Business of Green Jewelers Divided Over Use of Coral – New York Times- Robert M. Taylor, president and chief executive of Maui Divers Jewelry, the largest jewelry retailer in the Hawaiian Islands, said he believed in coral conservation. However, he took issue with the “Too Precious to Wear” campaign’s core message that corals are in crisis, suffering from high consumer demand and, hence, should not be used in jewelry. “It’s the opposite of what we feel,” he said. “Precious coral is too precious not to wear.”

Surveillance & Enforcement

Marine Protected Areas

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