News Clips for Jan. 27, 2010

High Seas

  • Experts Develop Deep-Sea

    Geoscientists at the University of Chicago in Illinois (UCI) have recently been able to develop a new type of machine for conducting scientific simulations. The device is able to faithfully replicate the conditions present in the deep-sea, ranging from temperature to pressure and more.

  • Fishing Boats Must Have Location Monitoring BugCourthouse News Service

    Vessels used for commercial fishing for highly migratory species on the high seas in the Convention Area also will be required to obtain a new NMFS-issued

Marine Protected Areas

Endangered Species

  • Cold killed numerous Keys manateesKeysNet

    event as far as the Keys marine environment is concerned,” said Billy Causey, southeast regional director for the National Marine Sanctuaries Program.

  • Game on! Help protect Australia’s coastG-Online

    A new online game, following the adventures of an endangered seal, is helping draw attention to the need for designated marine sanctuaries around

Congressional Appropriations

Ocean Acidification

  • Oceanlab 2 to tackle acidificationPress and Journal

    “The big issue of concern is ocean acidification as the carbon dioxide released by industry is absorbed by the ocean,” he said. “Oceans absorb about half of ..



  • Fishery Council faces scallop limit showdownGloucester Daily Times

    David Allison, Oceana’s senior campaign director in Washington, DC went on to argue that “scallop fishing,” for its trawling the bottom, “is one of the most


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