News Clips for January 21, 2010

Ocean Acidification

· Pacific’s rising acid levels threatening marine lifeSeattle Times

The most extensive survey of pH levels in the Pacific Ocean confirms what spot measurements have suggested: From Hawaii to Alaska, the upper reaches of the sea are becoming more acidic in concert with rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

· Enviro group: US must respond to coral concernsWashington Post

A U.S. conservation group announced Wednesday it would sue the federal government to force a decision on whether to protect 83 coral species it says are threatened by global warming and more acidic waters.

Endangered Species

· New challenge to offshore drilling in the Chukchi

Absent a long-range policy on oil and gas development in the offshore Arctic from the Obama administration, the federal courts continue to be the battleground of choice over America’s next oil frontier.


· Hanging EPA regulations around Democrats’ necks Grist Magazine


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