News Clips, January 19, 2010

  • Fishers’ federation protests Coral Triangle SummitBusiness Mirror

    LOCAL fishers’ federation, the Tambuyog Development Center (TDC), is planning to stage a protest rally when the two-day Coral Triangle Summit opens today at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati. This developed even as the TDC criticized organizers of the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) for focusing on developing investment opportunities in the region while ignoring the plight of people living in coastal communities, particularly in the Philippines. “They designed the CTI for the benefit of big foreign companies, as if the coastal communities do not exist,” said Arsenio Tanchuling, executive director of TDC and coordinator of the Southeast Asia Fish for Justice network (SEAFish) … While Tanchuling said the initiative to protect the coastal marine environment and to promote sustainability is laudable, it came as a shock that even today, the people in the communities were not consulted as to how they will truly benefit in co-managing the country’s marine environment. The Coral Triangle Summit, he said, will tackle topics as tuna, live fish, energy and financing, but not community-based coastal-management system.

  • Fish stocks in danger of extinctionThe Nation, Pakistan

    Continuous use of prohibited nets and deep sea trawling have caused a massive reduction in fish stock in Sindh waters.

  • Genetic analysis disputes increase in Antarctic minke whalesEurekAlert

    A new genetic analysis of Antarctic minke whales concludes that population of these smaller baleen whales have not increased as a result of the intensive hunting of other larger whales — countering arguments by advocates of commercial whaling who want to “cull” minke whales.


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