New Years Resolutions for Healthier Oceans

As you come up with your own New Year’s resolutions, consider some of the following from Micheal Gravitz,a friend of MCBI from Environment America (

10 New Years Resolutions for Healthier Oceans

  1. Drive a little less, take public transportation a little more, or walk a bit farther to reduce demand for oil and gasoline for your car. It will slow ocean warming and acidification, save you money and reduce the need for more offshore drilling with all the spills and pollution oil production creates.
  2. Eat only fish and shellfish that are not overfished and are sustainably caught. Skip the tuna sushi the next time you go to a Japanese restaurant. Skip restaurants that serve shark fin soup. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium website to download a guide to sustainable fish. Tell restaurants and stores that sell overfished fish why you aren’t buying any.
  3. If you are a recreational fisherman, consider throwing back some of your legally sized catch, especially the big old fat females who reproduce at much higher rates. We need them to rebuild populations.
  4. Eat less meat and chicken, saving the oceans and bays from the nutrient pollution generated by modern farming and animal raising methods or buy meat from grass fed, unconfined operations.
  5. Use fewer plastic bags and pick up plastic trash in the street so it doesn’t end up in our rivers and then flow into our oceans.
  6. Visit an aquarium and admire the marvelous sea life living there. Remember your local ocean or bay has many more species in the wild than you’ll see in the aquarium.
  7. Go smell or look at a salt marsh, mangrove swamp, coral reef, or stand of submerged grasses. You are looking at one some of the most productive and quickly disappearing ecosystems on earth. Enjoy them while you can and work to protect them.
  8. Consider supporting a local park for the ocean. Just like national parks they protect unique places and wildlife.
  9. Don’t buy jewelry made with coral or tropical fish that are captured in the wild.
  10. Post one of your own in the stream below and share with others.

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