Art and the Ocean

There is a beautiful new sculpture exhibit near Cancun, Mexico. It features 400 sculptures depicting people in different emotional states and is called “The Silent Evolution.” The catch? It is all underwater.

The sculpture garden is the start of an underwater museum meant to give SCUBA divers something to look at besides the fragile coral reefs in the area. The hope is that the reefs will be given a break from the more than 750,000 tourists who visit them every year. Even though there are more pressing problems than the accidental fin in the coral bed (warming ocean temperatures, agricultural run-off and destructive fishing practices come to mind), what I like about this new exhibit is its creativity.

Why not bring in divergent thinkers when thinking about ways to alleviate the pressure on our coral reefs, and the marine ecosystem in general? Who says an artist or museum curator can’t have the next big idea to help, something that a scientist would never even dream of? These statues are made out of a marine cement that attracts the growth of corals, meaning that not only are they beautiful new attractions, they are actually helping the corals flourish.

It’s going to take all of us to help protect and rehabilitate fragile and damaged ocean ecosystems, especially the poor coral reefs. Innovative approaches are needed and this example is enlightening and encouraging.

Keep on dreaming!


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