Do Your Part in Reducing Marine Debris

photo: NOAA

Marine debris has become one of the most widespread pollution problems affecting the world’s oceans and waterways.
A recent study by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation found human debris in all five major ocean gyres (including the well-known Pacific Garbage Patch) Research has proven that debris has serious effects on the marine environment, marine wildlife, the economy, and human health and safety.

Marine debris harms marine and coastal communities by damaging marine habitat like coral reefs; transporting non-native and invasive species to new habitats; causing navigational hazards and vessel damage; and harming and entangling wildlife. The number of marine debris-related entanglement deaths of endangered and threatened seals, sea turtles, and seabirds continues to grow.

One of Marine Conservation Biology Institute’s program areas is elevating the issue of marine debris, especially to our lawmakers. MCBI staff also like to be an example to others by reducing our waste. We can all be seen carrying around our reusable water bottles, using reusable dishes and utensils in our office kitchen, carrying our own grocery bags to the store. A new invention we would like to share with you is the reusable sandwich and snack bags. Check them out here: They are reusable, washable in the dishwasher, and durable. Why didn’t we think about this before?

Share your ideas below on how you reduce your waste? Every little bit helps.

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