Global warming => Colder winters?

It doesn’t make much sense on the face of it, but that is what could be happening to our climate right now.

It will be a few years before the research is conclusive, but it looks like the crazy weather we’ve been having recently in the States may be due to global warming, particularly in the Arctic.  It doesn’t take much to see evidence of the crazy weather we’ve been having. One day this month, it snowed in 49 of the 50 states,  winter snow storms much earlier than expected here in Washington State, not to mention the freak blizzards in the Capitol and the one that crippled NYC over the holidays, as well as unusual snowfall in the South.

It’s been one crazy winter. One crazy enough for people to be thinking, “Global warming, what global warming?” But don’t get ahead of yourself, it’s really climate change we’re talking about here, and changes in regional climate and weather patterns that may do more harm to society than the overall warming of a few degrees. Our weather simply isn’t that simple. It’s a complex thing that has changed drastically over the millenia, and we’ll have to find a way to adapt to it as it continues to change over the coming decades and centuries. How we manage to adapt is where the key lies in our success. In many ways, climate change is as much of a socio-political issue as it is an environmental one.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected.


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