Underwater living

A new study recently came out on the potential effects of rising seawater levels on the coastline of the United States. The scientists’ projections show that sea level could rise one meter (about three feet) by 2100, resulting in the loss of land for some of the coastal states like Florida, Louisiana, and Virginia. Rising sea levels is not a new problem to island nations like Tuvalu and Kiribati, whose existence is in much more peril than the U.S.

This is a serious problem and will not be solved quickly or easily. For many, the reality is they will lose their homes and their livelihood. And there are scientists trying to solve the problem and heads of government trying to prepare for the worst.

The science fiction nerd in me wonders if we could find a way to live underwater. Teams of scientists have done it before for research, something I have always wanted to do. In my imagination, my underwater home would be a large transparent structure so I could constantly watch the sea life around me. I realize the reality of moving people underwater is very difficult (if not impossible). But if we are truly going to start running out of land someday, be it hundreds to thousands of years from now, why not start investigating the idea? People talk about creating colonies on the moon; why not on the seafloor?


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  1. I agree. Why not??? It would be great to adjust to living underwater. If I were to live underwater, I’d live in a sea anemone. It would sting off uninvited guests and you’d have to call before visiting. Oh, but I’m forgeting that you can just swim above my patch and find out I’m home and I’d have no choice but to invite you over…hehehe… Wow, I’m such a hermit!!! I guess I just value my privacy a bit too much. I might as well live under a rock like a crab…lol

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