Green Coalition Issues Blueprint for Wise Environmental Investment

The annual “Green Budget” report, delivered to Congress today by 35 organizations (including Marine Conservation Biology Institute), details wise environmental investments as the Federal government struggles to balance the budget. The Green Budget recommendations benefit America’s health, safety, energy and economic sectors. They also have the ability to enhance public welfare, accelerate the growth of our economy, create millions of well-paying jobs and protect the limitless value of our natural capital and ecosystems.

Marine Conservation Biology Institute led the ocean advocates community to analyze and thoughtfully recommend a selection of programs that are crucial to the recovery of our oceans as well as our economy. “Covering 71% of the Earth, our living oceans are humankinds’ biggest life support system. They provide jobs, food, medicines, energy, recreation and tourism opportunities, and are crucial highways for our trade with other nations. As economist Judith Kildow and coauthors showed, coastal counties contribute an astounding 43% of the USA’s Gross Domestic Product. Sustained funding for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the USA’s lead agency for ocean scientific research and management, is therefore absolutely essential to maintain and recover our country’s jobs and economic might”, stated Elliott Norse, President of Marine Conservation Biology Institute.

Please read the report here:


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