A new fish meal – made from flies

Jason Drew

“The rich are already consuming the water of the thirsty, eating the food of the hungry and burning the fuel of the cold. What shall we conjure up next for the poor?” – Jason Drew, international businessman, serial entrepreneur
Jason Drew is an international businessman and serial entrepreneur who, having retired early after two heart attacks, became a passionate environmentalist and visionary. He decided to devote his energies to solving the world’s fish-stock crisis. 
He collaborated with South Africa’s University of Stellenbosch and a team of international scientists to develop a renewable and natural replacement for ‘fishmeal’, which is fed to farmed fish and chickens. Industrial use rather than human consumption accounts for over half of the global marine catch. 
The secret to the fishmeal replacement is billions of industrially reared larvae – recycling existing and potentially harmful organic waste. Nutrient recycling using fly larvae (which are a natural food for chickens and fish) might just save the oceans’ from over-fishing. 
His forthcoming book ‘The Protein Crunch – Civilization on the brink’ outlines the stark realities of our world, its cities and humanity’s reliance on previously abundant protein sources to feed our growing population.
Jason Drew was a speaker this past Saturday at the TEDx Observer program in London. Designed to challenge, engage and inspire, the program included speakers from a range of disciplines – scientists, actors, philosophers, musicians, neuro-scientists and environmentalists.


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