National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Honors Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Volunteer

Lance Morgan, a volunteer at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, was honored Tuesday by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) in Washington, D.C. 
Morgan was one of 14 individuals across the National Marine Sanctuary system nominated for the foundation’s Volunteer of the Year award. The recognition is part of Capitol Hill Ocean Week, an oceans-focused annual conference coordinated by the NMSF, a private non-profit organization supporting NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.
Morgan serves as chair of the Sanctuary’s Advisory Council and chair of the joint working group addressing ocean noise and ship strikes on whales in Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries. He also was a member of the working group that recently completed a report examining potential climate change impacts for Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones. Currently vice president of science at the Marine Conservation  Institute, Morgan has been instrumental in helping sanctuary staff design procedures for the sanctuary’s deep sea coral research program.
“Lance personifies the sanctuary mission with his strong conservation ethic and an ability to work cooperatively with others to get things done,” said Dan Howard, sanctuary superintendent.  “He is a wonderful emissary for the sanctuary program and we are very fortunate to have him.”


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