Northwest Ocean Acidification

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Oceans–and their salt-water extensions, like Puget Sound–play an enormous role in our region’s culture and prosperity. Marine life, from oysters to king crab, have supported Northwest communities for generations. But years of addiction to fossil fuels have put them at risk. This series explores the local costs of ocean acidification –the process by which water absorbs too much carbon pollution, becoming more corrosive. These changes in our water’s basic chemistry place our complex web of marine life in jeopardy.
It’s not tomorrow’s problem; it’s happening here and now. (Photo credit: Rik_C, flickr)

Project Posts

Trouble on the Half Shell

Baby oysters and carbon dioxide don’t mix.
Jennifer Langston on June 22, 2011

The Puget Sound Shuffle

How will Northwest creatures fare in more acidic seas?
Jennifer Langston on June 6, 2011

Coming to a Shore Near You

Acidified water has shown up sooner than we thought.
Jennifer Langston on May 26, 2011


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