Save the Federal Weatherization Assistance Program

Hi Everyone,

I don’t often send around petitions, but this cause is particularly important to me and I hope you’ll sign it!  For over a year now I’ve been working on the Weatherization Assistance Program, which brings much needed energy repairs to low income people.  Our clients live off of very little, and the work that we do to make their homes energy efficient not only reduces their energy bills so they can buy necessities like food and clothing, but it also makes their homes safer and more comfortable.  These homes are often freezing in the winter and some have dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide that would go undetected if it wasn’t for this program.  Weatherization also brings needed repairs to low income apartment buildings where the tenants live in poor conditions, because they are not a priority to the building management.  
We’ve been able to do a lot of great work as a result of the stimulus money, but now Congress is looking to reduce our funding.  Read the petition to find out more.  

Please sign today!

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