Grilled Salmon

Maybe this is a Pacific Northwest thing, but one of my favorite parts of summer is a perfectly grilled salmon. This weekend, I attended a demonstration on how to make perfectly grilled salmon, hosted by my local winery, Airfield and Russell Dean Lowell of Russell’s. Russell was a hoot, and confirmed what I always really knew, that the secret to making great seafood is great seafood. I could not agree more. He made a lovely grilled salmon, by beautifully filleting a fish, slicing the fillet on a bias to make lovely medallions of salmon about an inch thick. It was the most beautiful king salmon you ever saw, and as fresh as can be. You know a man trusts his seafood when he eats it raw. Anyway, he just sprinkled some of his signature spice on there, a little spritz of Pam, and cooked it on a hot oven for one or two minutes a side. Painting it with a little but of melted butter after flipping gives it a richer taste. Served medium rare with a bit of chipotle aioli and a sprinkle of parsley it was the perfect accompaniment to a bright summer white wine.

Make sure when you buy your salmon you look for fresh fish, wild caught, preferably Alaskan salmon. He used a King salmon, which I highly recommend, as I tried this at home with Chinook and it didn’t have the same delicious buttery texture as the king. Make sure to remove the skin and most of the brown layer of fat before cooking, as the cooking process on the gill is too short to to properly cook this while leaving the inside beautifully pink, plus, removing this will make your fish taste less fishy.

Bon Appetit!

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