Marine Conservation Institute Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Marine Conservation Institute thought we would share what we are thankful for:

Caryl Garcia, Vice President for Operations: I’m grateful to be living in these “interesting times”—really! It is in times of challenge that you can clearly see the greatness in people, their generosity of spirit, their passions, their willingness to sacrifice for ideals. The entire world is on a quest right now, whether it is for protecting our precious planet, struggling for political freedoms and human rights, or pursuing economic justice.

Lance Morgan, Vice President for Science: I am thankful for cool ocean breezes that keep those pinot noir grapes happy during those hot Sonoma summers.

Michael Zwirn, Director, Development: A three-year-old who wants to help save the dolphins and elephants and polar bears and turtles, and the other threatened species of the planet.

Jeff Ardron, Director, High Seas Program: I am thankful every day for the life support this planet and its global ocean provides me. (I am also thankful that the Ocean has been “patient” (i.e. resilient) as humanity awkwardly struggles to show its thankfulness!)

Julia Hathaway, Director, Ocean Policy: In a year when our federal government seems unable to do little else, I’m thankful the ocean programs came out in relatively good shape!

Jennifer Felt, Director, Pacific Islands Conservation: I am thankful to be surrounded by a community of hard working passionate people with the well being of the oceans on their minds and in their hearts.

Joan Inge, Accountant: I’m thankful for all the teamwork that we have here at Marine Conservation Institute.

Emily Douce, Conservation Advocate: I am thankful that congressional disagreements were put aside for a brief moment in order to pass the FY2012 Commerce Appropriations Bill.

Margaret Cooney, High Seas Fellow: The South Korean Coast Guard :o)

Sara Maxwell, Postdoctoral Fellow: I am thankful for the good progress we HAVE made – new regulations, MPAs, good people and their staff in office – despite the difficult political and financial climate. I would say that our continued progress – albeit slower – is a sign of the importance and need for the work we as a conservation community are doing!

Bette Rubin, Ocean Policy Intern: I am thankful to be working with such an incredible team of ocean advocates, who strive every day to make a difference, and make the world a better place.

Marine Conservation Institute would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

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