Global Ocean Commission Calls for Regeneration Zones to Recover Ocean Health

Protected Areas a Key Proposal for High Seas Recovery

All of us at the Marine Conservation Institute are excited to see the far-reaching reforms being called for to protect the High Seas. During the last year and a half, the Global Ocean Commission has been delving into what has been causing the declining health of our world’s oceans. Today they released an integrated rescue package that needs to be applied over the next five years. Among their recommendations are the prominent calls to curtail fishing on the high seas and put in place protected areas (regeneration zones) to recover marine life.

The Commission identified 8 proposals to recover the High Seas in addition to protecting areas. These are a call for a UN Sustainable Development Goal for the oceans; better governance; an end to overfishing; efforts to stop pirate and black market fishing; keeping plastics out of the oceans; improved safety and environmental standards for offshore drilling and oil; and establishment of a global accountability board.

The Commissioners recognize that the future of humankind could hinge on our capacity to recover life in our world’s largest life support system ― the oceans.

At Marine Conservation Institute we are working to ensure our future, and to do that we need a robust solution that will allow oceans and the life within them to flourish despite existing and future threats.  Using the latest science, powerful new technologies and novel ways of influencing governance, the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES, pronounced glôr-ees) will facilitate enduring ocean stewardship on a global scale.  The world needs an effective global system of strongly protected areas to recover marine life so people regain the benefits of healthy oceans including fresh seafood, clean beaches, abundant well-paid jobs and major tax revenues to governments.  This is what GLORES will do.


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