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Getting to the bottom of the oceans’ tallest peaks

Our oceans are home to a number of globally rare habitats that marine animals rely on. These areas are often characterized by the presence of endemic species and are usually teeming with life. Unfortunately, the qualities that make these places unique also make them incredibly vulnerable. Seamounts—undersea mountains—have been at the center of recent conservation … Continue reading Getting to the bottom of the oceans’ tallest peaks

Tragedy and Hope on the High Seas

The high seas are the area of ocean beyond national jurisdiction, where laws are hard to come by and criminals are even harder to catch. Marine life and those forced into labor on illegal fishing vessels ultimately suffer the most from this lack of accountability. Solving the problem of illegal fishing, over-fishing and a lack … Continue reading Tragedy and Hope on the High Seas

Journey to Extinction

The story of overfished, under-protected and exploited sea creatures

When a species goes extinct, it does so quietly. However, that loss rings loudly throughout the ecosystems and food webs, permanently altering the way other creatures live, including humans. In a world where many people are extraordinarily removed from the plight of the other species that co-exist with us, it’s hard to put into the … Continue reading Journey to Extinction

A Changing Ocean

How climate change is altering the world’s largest ecosystem

Climate change has had many names and connotations since I first learned about it. Originally, it was taught as “global warming” and the not-so-well understood implications of it seemed too far in the future to be concerned with in the present. In fact, I had many peers who welcomed the idea of a climate a … Continue reading A Changing Ocean

Four ocean animals you probably didn’t know needed protection:

You ‘otter’ sea this!

The ocean is a great wilderness that is largely unexplored. Home to some of the largest, most beautiful and eccentric animals, the lack of protection offered to ocean animals is shocking. As we remove animals from the ocean at an increasing rate, pollute the waters and change the chemistry of the ocean, it appears we … Continue reading Four ocean animals you probably didn’t know needed protection: