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Fighting for America’s Ocean Wonders

Happy Fourth of July! It’s amazing to think that when Katherine Lee Bates first wrote “America the Beautiful” in 1893, with its gorgeous celebration of our country from sea to shining sea, few of America’s ocean wonders were known and none were protected. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way.     Since the 1990s, all but … Continue reading Fighting for America’s Ocean Wonders

World Oceans Month: Honoring Our Blue Home

Healthy oceans sustain us. When we’re not near the ocean or watching a vivid nature documentary, it can be easy to forget that. It’s all too easy to move through everyday life and miss that the ocean fills our lungs and spirit. From the clean water we drink to the stable climate we depend on, … Continue reading World Oceans Month: Honoring Our Blue Home

“A Beautiful Gem in the South Pacific”: Scientists on Rose Atoll

Rose Atoll is a pink jewel on the South Pacific blue horizon. Though its emergent reefs and islands cover just around 20 acres, it carries meaning well beyond what we see: as the southernmost point in the U.S. through American Samoa, as the centerpiece of a federally-protected Marine National Monument and National Wildlife Refuge, and … Continue reading “A Beautiful Gem in the South Pacific”: Scientists on Rose Atoll

5 Reasons Seamounts Matter

Seamounts are underwater mountains that rise from the seabed. Because most of the world’s seafloor is a muddy plain, seamounts are special deep-sea features that support unique creatures. Seamounts can arise along mid-ocean ridges, as isolated landmarks, or as volcanoes in chains and clusters. Off California, several seamounts were ancient islands that only went under … Continue reading 5 Reasons Seamounts Matter

Celebrating Ocean Protection Progress

Today, let’s celebrate the progress that has been made to protect our oceans. The world has come a long way and, though more work is needed to reach conservation targets and ensure long-term ocean health, momentum is on our side. With groups like Sin Azul No Hay Verde and heads of state at major conferences advancing … Continue reading Celebrating Ocean Protection Progress

The Global Wave Conference Inspires New Ocean Messages

The 5th Global Wave Conference in Santa Cruz united diverse groups in the ocean conservation community around a common objective, “to inspire, to inform, and to equip for action.” Speakers at the Save the Waves and Surfrider led event engaged many ocean issues, from plastic pollution to climate change impacts, with a focus on awareness raising … Continue reading The Global Wave Conference Inspires New Ocean Messages

5 Ocean Love Stories

Our oceans are filled with awe-inspiring creatures. It’s one of the many reasons that we love the ocean and fight so hard to protect its wildest places. Ocean animals can defy our imaginations one minute, and remind us of cross-species connections the next. With romance, some marine species fall for one partner and stay together, … Continue reading 5 Ocean Love Stories

5 Reasons We’re Over the Moon About Blue Planet II

We’ve watched the trailer a million times. We’ve begged our European colleagues to let us visit. Now, ocean fanatic friends, the time has come: Blue Planet II is airing on our side of the Atlantic! Our team’s been hearing about it and catching clips, so we know a little about what’s to come. Sorry friends and … Continue reading 5 Reasons We’re Over the Moon About Blue Planet II

Top 5 Ocean Highlights of 2017

Like a seabird soaring above the blue, another year has flown by! There was a lot of marine protection news worth celebrating in 2017, and here are five of our favorite updates.   The Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary expansion Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary grew quite a bit this year when Colombian President Juan … Continue reading Top 5 Ocean Highlights of 2017

Our Ocean 2017

Since the first Our Ocean in 2014, these annual conferences have brought together the world’s ocean leaders, scientists and conservation practitioners to transform pressing challenges into change. Its key areas of action include sustainable fisheries, pollution, climate change and marine protected areas (MPAs). With each ocean issue, it facilitates tangible and measurable commitments that build towards solutions. … Continue reading Our Ocean 2017