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Bush’s pushes for marine reserves

The president’s ambitious plan would conserve two large swaths of the Pacific.By Peter N. SpottsChristian Science Monitor In its waning weeks, the Bush administration is sorting through options that could lead to the largest marine conservation reserves in United States history. At issue: Proposals to protect at least one of two vast reaches of ocean … Continue reading Bush’s pushes for marine reserves

Save the Economy, and the Planet

A New York Times EditorialNovember 26th, 2008 Environment ministers preparing for next week’s talks on global warming in Poznan, Poland, have been sounding decidedly downbeat. From Paris to Beijing, the refrain is the same: This is no time to pursue ambitious plans to stop global warming. We can’t deal with a financial crisis and reduce … Continue reading Save the Economy, and the Planet

Bush’s Tropical Paradise

The president sets in motion the largest ocean preserve ever—but will industry kill it? By Sharon Guynup Posted 11.26.2008 at 12:57 pm Sea Change: Bush’s proposal would preserve up to 700,000 square miles of the central Pacific, including the Mariana Trench, and protect sea life, such as leatherback turtles and coral reefs. Georgette Douwma/Getty Images … Continue reading Bush’s Tropical Paradise

Ecologist: Hope remains for world’s oceans, but swift response is needed

SOUTH KINGSTOWN — Outspoken marine ecologist Jeremy Jackson says humans have caused widespread and difficult-to-imagine damage to the world’s oceans and that the response needs to be of immense proportions. He says it boils down to two simple concepts: Become citizens instead of consumers, and elect real leaders, not facilitators of consumption. “I felt good … Continue reading Ecologist: Hope remains for world’s oceans, but swift response is needed

Daily News Clips

Buoys help ships steer clear of right whalesChristian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USAOceanographic Institute installed 16 auto-detection buoys in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a 638-square-nautical mile area off the …See all stories on this topicScientists look to future of cloning endangered speciesDaily Vidette – Normal,IL,USAThe advance could eventually make it possible for scientists to … Continue reading Daily News Clips

An environmental legacy of distinction?

by Jane Lubchenco, Guest opinionFriday November 14, 2008 In the twilight of President George W. Bush’s final term, opportunities to strengthen his mark on history diminish by the hour. As attention shifts to executive actions that will not be undone by the next president, Bush has a golden opportunity to strengthen his environmental record and … Continue reading An environmental legacy of distinction?