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Why should you March For The Ocean on June 9? How will that help ocean ecosystems threatened by overfishing, climate change, plastic pollution and other issues? How can marches with even a hundred thousand people in over a dozen cities support healthier oceans? I often ask myself this question when an organization suggests a public … Continue reading MARCH FOR THE OCEAN

I’m Retiring

Retiring is a very personal decision.  I come from the first Space Age generation, from a time when rocket launches were big stories on evening network news.  One idea engineers wanted us to learn is that lifting a satellite into Earth orbit happens in more than 1 stage.  The 1st stage boosts the rest off … Continue reading I’m Retiring

A Return To An Extraordinary Place

I have to blog.  It’s in my blood, even if nobody ever reads it.  But I just came back from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I could say I was there to see the maples, which are greener this week than Seattle’s maples are.  I could say I went there to see the street birds or the … Continue reading A Return To An Extraordinary Place