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Setting Sail: Exploring Seamount Habitats in the Pacific Remote Islands

Featured Pic: The Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus. Photo courtesy of Ocean Exploration Trust. By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute On August 25th, Marine Conservation Institute staff scientist Samuel Georgian will join a 22 day-long deep-sea research expedition onboard the E/V Nautilus. The cruise is collaborative effort with scientists and support from a wide array … Continue reading Setting Sail: Exploring Seamount Habitats in the Pacific Remote Islands

Sharks on Seamounts

By Nikki Harasta, Marine Conservation Institute Science Intern   Sharks are incredibly important components of many different marine ecosystems. Unfortunately, sharks often enter our consciousness only when a shark attack on a beachgoer makes the news. Take a closer look at the numbers however, and you’ll see that they’ve been given a bad rap. The … Continue reading Sharks on Seamounts

Happy World Oceans Day!

By Michael Gravitz, Director of Policy & Legislation at Marine Conservation Institute   People often ask us how the oceans are doing and whether things are getting better or worse for them. It’s natural to get that question a lot around International Oceans Day, June 8th, when there is more attention in the media about all … Continue reading Happy World Oceans Day!

High Seas History in the Making

UN Talks on Protecting Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Begin

Feature Pic: Elias Levy World leaders may soon make history for ocean wildlife. After more than a decade of halting progress, a UN Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) is convening for the next 10 days to negotiate a treaty to protect biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ), also known as the high seas. An agreement would … Continue reading High Seas History in the Making

Celebrating Ocean Protection Progress

Today, let’s celebrate the progress that has been made to protect our oceans. The world has come a long way and, though more work is needed to reach conservation targets and ensure long-term ocean health, momentum is on our side. With groups like Sin Azul No Hay Verde and heads of state at major conferences advancing … Continue reading Celebrating Ocean Protection Progress

Our Ocean 2016

OCEANS, OCEANS, OCEANS. Can anyone remember three weeks with as much progress in protecting the world’s oceans and marine biodiversity as the last three weeks?  I can’t. First, President Obama created the largest protected area on EARTH when he expanded the marine monument known as Papahānaumokuākea in the NW Hawaiian Islands to be three and … Continue reading Our Ocean 2016

Planet at a Crossroads

On a Path to Protecting 30% of the Ocean

“Planet at a Crossroads” was the theme that guided the dialog of over 9,000 conservationists last week at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress. For ten intensive days, attendees collaboratively discussed the issues of their respective fields, energized by the rare opportunity to work as a global community to address … Continue reading Planet at a Crossroads

California’s Ancient Islands May Receive Additional Protections

Congressman takes groundbreaking step to safeguard deep-sea treasures off California

CALIFORNIA — Congressman Sam Farr (D-Calif.) and Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) have introduced landmark legislation to safeguard a series of underwater mountains and the marine wildlife they support in the deep sea off California. Known as “seamounts,” these extraordinary places are highly productive ‘oases’ in the deep sea. Off California, seamounts support rare deep‐water corals and … Continue reading California’s Ancient Islands May Receive Additional Protections

Tragedy and Hope on the High Seas

The high seas are the area of ocean beyond national jurisdiction, where laws are hard to come by and criminals are even harder to catch. Marine life and those forced into labor on illegal fishing vessels ultimately suffer the most from this lack of accountability. Solving the problem of illegal fishing, over-fishing and a lack … Continue reading Tragedy and Hope on the High Seas

Our greatest successes!

Celebrating two decades of ocean conservation

This year, Marine Conservation Institute celebrates 20 years of conservation successes! Over the past two decades we have celebrated many accomplishments towards our mission to protect the oceans. Founded as Marine Conservation Biology Institute in 1996, our science and policy staff effectively bridge research and advocacy to create and expand marine protected areas, secure protections for threatened and … Continue reading Our greatest successes!