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Global Biodiversity Protection

The Key Role of Locally Managed Marine Areas

  By Abbie Dosell,  Marine Conservation Institute GLORES Science Intern   Some of the world’s most biodiverse and ecologically valuable marine ecosystems are sporadically distributed among different regions and cultures globally. Due to this diversity, a one-size-fits-all marine protected area (MPA) framework is not sufficient to protect biodiversity. Locally Managed Marine Areas, or LMMAs, offer … Continue reading Global Biodiversity Protection

Community Support Boosts MPA Success

A primary goal of the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) initiative is to promote Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that succeed in protecting marine biodiversity. An official name and boundaries on a map are a good start, but they are not enough to make an MPA successful. For true protection to happen, an MPA must also … Continue reading Community Support Boosts MPA Success

When is a Marine Protected Area really a Marine Protected Area?

  Marine Protected Areas. Marine Reserves. Marine National Monuments. Marine Sanctuaries. Locally Managed Marine Areas. These terms are often thrown around in policy briefings, official documents and by the media. But what really constitutes a protected area in our oceans? How should we classify and define these vague terms? As countries strive to protect 10% … Continue reading When is a Marine Protected Area really a Marine Protected Area?