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An Ocean Hero

Dr. Elliott Norse

Dr. Elliott Norse is retiring after an unparalleled career in marine conservation. As a result of his pioneering efforts to establish the field of marine conservation biology, we now have a vibrant and growing community of marine conservation biologists and advocates.  His work directly led to the recent explosion in marine protected area coverage around … Continue reading An Ocean Hero

I’m Retiring

Retiring is a very personal decision.  I come from the first Space Age generation, from a time when rocket launches were big stories on evening network news.  One idea engineers wanted us to learn is that lifting a satellite into Earth orbit happens in more than 1 stage.  The 1st stage boosts the rest off … Continue reading I’m Retiring

Journey to Extinction

The story of overfished, under-protected and exploited sea creatures

When a species goes extinct, it does so quietly. However, that loss rings loudly throughout the ecosystems and food webs, permanently altering the way other creatures live, including humans. In a world where many people are extraordinarily removed from the plight of the other species that co-exist with us, it’s hard to put into the … Continue reading Journey to Extinction

SDG 14: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Women

A guest blog by Samantha Murray

Our vast, global ocean is a constant reminder of humankind’s fragility and impermanence. A moment at the mercy of a crashing wave demands respect for nature’s strength. A glimpse of a 40-foot humpback whale makes us feel impossibly small on our big, blue planet. And an encounter with a white shark takes us to another time, … Continue reading SDG 14: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Women

A Changing Ocean

How climate change is altering the world’s largest ecosystem

Climate change has had many names and connotations since I first learned about it. Originally, it was taught as “global warming” and the not-so-well understood implications of it seemed too far in the future to be concerned with in the present. In fact, I had many peers who welcomed the idea of a climate a … Continue reading A Changing Ocean

Four ocean animals you probably didn’t know needed protection:

You ‘otter’ sea this!

The ocean is a great wilderness that is largely unexplored. Home to some of the largest, most beautiful and eccentric animals, the lack of protection offered to ocean animals is shocking. As we remove animals from the ocean at an increasing rate, pollute the waters and change the chemistry of the ocean, it appears we … Continue reading Four ocean animals you probably didn’t know needed protection:

The Power of Papahānaumokuākea

A Marine National Monument that Protects the Known...and Unknown

Nestled in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands is Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, a nearly 140,000 square mile marine protected area. Within Papahānaumokuākea marine life flourishes and new species are frequently found. An abundance of information can be learned by studying the environment of this remote, protected site, which is an outstanding example of a marine protected … Continue reading The Power of Papahānaumokuākea

10 Reasons We Urgently Need the Global Ocean Refuge System

For almost two years, Marine Conservation Institute has spoken and written extensively about the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES, pronounced “glories”). During this time, however, we have not been explicit enough about why it is so urgent. GLORES will catalyze strong protection for at least 20% of the ecosystems in each marine biogeographic region of the … Continue reading 10 Reasons We Urgently Need the Global Ocean Refuge System