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Protecting Chile’s Ocean Treasures

By GLORES Ambassador Sebastian Nicholls  Imagine a land, at the tip of a continent, where the rugged coastline cuts into the ocean like a curved dagger, and the whales sing a different tongue. A land whose ferocious natives resisted several European invasions, but for a brief period accepted a French lawyer and adventurer as their … Continue reading Protecting Chile’s Ocean Treasures

Our 2018 Conservation Priorities

This year promises to be an interesting and exciting one for marine conservation, and we’re ready to meet its opportunities and challenges head-on for our oceans. We will continue advocating for strong protection of our oceans, strengthening our initiatives and working with you to safeguard marine biodiversity. Here’s a preview of our plans for this … Continue reading Our 2018 Conservation Priorities

Year End Bonus: Marine Biodiversity Boosted by Massive Conservation Areas

Huge Ocean Areas Now Strongly Protected in Reserves as 2017 Comes to a Close

This a quarterly update from the Atlas of Marine Protection (mpatlas.org) team. Be sure to visit mpatlas.org for the latest information and analyses on marine protected area coverage worldwide. It’s a good day to be a krill, penguin, seal, toothfish, or an orca. They have been waiting a whole year for the Ross Sea Protected Area to … Continue reading Year End Bonus: Marine Biodiversity Boosted by Massive Conservation Areas

GLORES Partner Spotlight: Dr. Mark Costello

This week, we are excited to shine the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on Dr. Mark Costello, a member of our esteemed GLORES Science Council! Mark J. Costello is based in the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where he has coordinated the post-graduate course in Marine Protected … Continue reading GLORES Partner Spotlight: Dr. Mark Costello

What it Takes to Become a Global Ocean Refuge

The Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) is designed to incentivize strong protection of life in the sea by providing recognition to marine protected areas (MPAs) that are effectively safeguarding marine wildlife according to science-based standards. But how do we identify the good MPAs? A considerable body of scientific literature has focused on identifying protected area … Continue reading What it Takes to Become a Global Ocean Refuge

Community Support Boosts MPA Success

A primary goal of the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) initiative is to promote Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that succeed in protecting marine biodiversity. An official name and boundaries on a map are a good start, but they are not enough to make an MPA successful. For true protection to happen, an MPA must also … Continue reading Community Support Boosts MPA Success

The evaluations for the inaugural Global Ocean Refuge award nominees are live

YOU can participate in the comment period!

The best way to maintain our oceans’ biological diversity, abundance and resilience is by protecting marine life and their ecosystems through strong and effective marine protected areas. Marine scientists agree that 30% of the ocean needs to be strongly protected. Currently, less than 1% of the ocean is safeguarded in this manner. Many of the … Continue reading The evaluations for the inaugural Global Ocean Refuge award nominees are live

5 Reasons Why We LOVE Palau

  The Republic of Palau is an up and coming destination for divers, tourists and adventurers. With turquoise waters and incredible dive sites, Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. This tropical destination has caught our attention as a marine conservation superstar – here’s why! 1. For many years, the Republic of … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why We LOVE Palau

Conserving shark populations

Large, high-quality marine protected areas work

Well-regulated and well-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) established in biologically significant places benefit marine wildlife [1]. One lingering question, however, has been about the value of MPAs for conserving highly-mobile species, like sharks, that move easily across their boundaries. Robust shark populations are necessary to keep marine ecosystems healthy, and many shark populations are threatened … Continue reading Conserving shark populations

The Ocean Protection Calculator

Here at MPAtlas.org we often get asked how much of the ocean would be protected as a result of various proposed and promised marine protected areas (MPAs). In order to help visitors to MPAtlas.org see the results for themselves, we’ve created the Ocean Protection Calculator. As you can see from the tool below, it is … Continue reading The Ocean Protection Calculator