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Life in the Unknown Deep: Corals on Pacific Seamounts

Featured Pic: A vibrant and diverse coral garden discovered on top of a small knoll within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Photo courtesy of Ocean Exploration Trust. By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute   Marine Conservation Institute recently participated in a deep-sea expedition tasked with exploring seamount habitats in and around the … Continue reading Life in the Unknown Deep: Corals on Pacific Seamounts

Sharks on Seamounts

By Nikki Harasta, Marine Conservation Institute Science Intern   Sharks are incredibly important components of many different marine ecosystems. Unfortunately, sharks often enter our consciousness only when a shark attack on a beachgoer makes the news. Take a closer look at the numbers however, and you’ll see that they’ve been given a bad rap. The … Continue reading Sharks on Seamounts

Seven of the Biggest Problems Facing Fish in Our Oceans

Robert Woods has been a fish keeping enthusiast ever since his parents bought him is first tank at age 4. Since then, he has gone on to keep hundreds of different species and now educates aquarists through his online publication Fishkeeping World.   Evidence points to the fact that we are currently facing the Earth’s sixth … Continue reading Seven of the Biggest Problems Facing Fish in Our Oceans

Happy World Oceans Day!

By Michael Gravitz, Director of Policy & Legislation at Marine Conservation Institute   People often ask us how the oceans are doing and whether things are getting better or worse for them. It’s natural to get that question a lot around International Oceans Day, June 8th, when there is more attention in the media about all … Continue reading Happy World Oceans Day!

Raise a Glass for the Ocean!

Help us Create a Splash for Blue Parks! Join Marine Conservation Institute on June 29, 2019 for great beer and delicious hors d’oeuvres at the loft of Lagunitas Brewery, in Petaluma, CA. Learn about Blue Parks, and our exciting work to save the ocean’s most important places! We will share our successes establishing a Global … Continue reading Raise a Glass for the Ocean!

Rose Atoll Abides

A Special Island in A Sea of Change

Ten years ago this month in January 2009, President George W. Bush designated a small island and coral reef system in American Samoa a marine national monument, called Rose Atoll. It is named so after its rosy pink corals. The monument protects 10,000 square miles of ocean from any commercial fishing or other extraction. Since … Continue reading Rose Atoll Abides

Global Biodiversity Protection

The Key Role of Locally Managed Marine Areas

  By Abbie Dosell,  Marine Conservation Institute GLORES Science Intern   Some of the world’s most biodiverse and ecologically valuable marine ecosystems are sporadically distributed among different regions and cultures globally. Due to this diversity, a one-size-fits-all marine protected area (MPA) framework is not sufficient to protect biodiversity. Locally Managed Marine Areas, or LMMAs, offer … Continue reading Global Biodiversity Protection

Giving Thanks

Thank you for supporting our ocean protection work! This year has been filled with exciting marine conservation updates and progress to be grateful for. Though threats like overfishing and marine debris persist, the world is more engaged than ever with finding solutions. Thanks to you, each of our projects continues growing with this sea change … Continue reading Giving Thanks

Pollution in the deep sea – are any habitats safe from human disturbance?

Feature Pic: A discarded aluminum can sits deep in the Channel Islands. Photo: MARE and NOAA   We’re all too familiar with the horrible images of once pristine beaches that are now covered with trash, threatening a wide array of charismatic animals including sea turtles, seabirds, and marine mammals. What about our ocean’s most remote … Continue reading Pollution in the deep sea – are any habitats safe from human disturbance?

Fighting for America’s Ocean Wonders

Happy Fourth of July! It’s amazing to think that when Katherine Lee Bates first wrote “America the Beautiful” in 1893, with its gorgeous celebration of our country from sea to shining sea, few of America’s ocean wonders were known and none were protected. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way.     Since the 1990s, all but … Continue reading Fighting for America’s Ocean Wonders