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GLORES Partner Spotlight: SkyTruth

We are thrilled to shine this week’s Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) Partner Spotlight on SkyTruth! SkyTruth uses the view from space to motivate people to protect the environment. They utilize technology to identify and monitor threats to the planet’s natural resources such as offshore drilling and oil spills, urban sprawl, fracking, mountaintop removal mining, … Continue reading GLORES Partner Spotlight: SkyTruth

The Blue Vision Summit

Bringing Professionals and Concerned Citizens Together to Save Our Ocean

Just under two years ago I wrote a blog on the 5th Biennial Blue Vision Summit. At the time, I was the Ocean Policy Fellow for Marine Conservation Institute. Two years later I am the Associate Director of Blue Frontier and planning the 6th Blue Vision Summit, a multi-day gathering of U.S. senators, marine professionals, … Continue reading The Blue Vision Summit