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Wayfarers of the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Featured Pic: Hammerhead Sharks. Photo Courtesy of Cesar Peñaherrera, MigraMar By Armand McFarland, Marine Conservation Institute Science Intern   Migrating animals can connect marine ecosystems thousands of kilometers apart. Many shark species are highly migratory, their migration routes serving as conduits that connect systems and create a network of shared nutrients. The network formed by shark … Continue reading Wayfarers of the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Conserving shark populations

Large, high-quality marine protected areas work

Well-regulated and well-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) established in biologically significant places benefit marine wildlife [1]. One lingering question, however, has been about the value of MPAs for conserving highly-mobile species, like sharks, that move easily across their boundaries. Robust shark populations are necessary to keep marine ecosystems healthy, and many shark populations are threatened … Continue reading Conserving shark populations

We’re gonna need a bigger sanctuary

Celebrating progress in shark conservation, but more is needed

It is Shark Week and sharks are once again at the forefront of our public consciousness. Thanks to terrifying portrayals in movies like Jaws and this summer’s The Shallows, sharks have a reputation as blood-thirsty killers. But, if anything, sharks should be more frightened of humans than vice versa. Every year, humans kill over 100 … Continue reading We’re gonna need a bigger sanctuary

Going in for the Krill: Why Whales Love the California Coast

The California coast is a whale-watcher’s paradise. Not only can you find the world’s largest population of the world’s largest whale – the blue whale – here in the northeastern Pacific, but at certain times of year a lucky whale-watcher can spot up to four of the five species of whales that frequent these waters … Continue reading Going in for the Krill: Why Whales Love the California Coast

Green Light in the Galápagos

Marine Conservation Institute is thrilled by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa’s declaration to strongly protect a vast area of important marine habitat surrounding the Galápagos Islands, the source of inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. This decision protects an unparalleled legacy of marine life and ocean habitat for generations to come. While there have been … Continue reading Green Light in the Galápagos

Are Shark Sanctuaries Really Safe Havens for Sharks?

Discover where all the world’s shark sanctuaries are on MPAtlas!

Shark Week brings an unprecedented amount of attention to sharks and we are excited to help highlight the importance of protecting these animals by sharing our new “Shark Sanctuaries” layer at www.MPAtlas.org. This website maps places where shark protections have been established around the world.  We invite you to explore our newest feature and learn more … Continue reading Are Shark Sanctuaries Really Safe Havens for Sharks?