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World Oceans Month: Honoring Our Blue Home

Healthy oceans sustain us. When we’re not near the ocean or watching a vivid nature documentary, it can be easy to forget that. It’s all too easy to move through everyday life and miss that the ocean fills our lungs and spirit. From the clean water we drink to the stable climate we depend on, … Continue reading World Oceans Month: Honoring Our Blue Home

Port State Measures Agreement

Marking an important turning point for the fight against IUU fishing

June is a month of important turning points: the solstice on June 21st when summer officially begins; World Oceans Day on June 8th, which heralds a changing relationship between humans and the ocean that supports all of us, and June 4-5th when the course of WWII in the Pacific changed in a climactic battle between … Continue reading Port State Measures Agreement